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I offer weekly, individual psychotherapy sessions to adults. These sessions will be 45 or 55 minutes in length (depending on presenting concern and availability) and will be used to explore whatever is alive in your life that is needing supportive attention.

I support folks in reconnecting with what our bodies have to tell us about our hurts and healing. I am a somatic and Gestalt-trained therapist, meaning that I have particular experience leading folks in reconnecting to their bodies, engaging experientially with emotions and thoughts in the present moment, and paying attention to the ways in which relational material is showing up in the therapy relationship.


In session, I might ask you: 'where do you notice that feeling in your body?' Or, 'what does your body want to do when you connect with that emotion or thought?' I will often invite you to bring awareness to your breath (an important access point to nervous system healing), and will support you in learning how to work with your nervous system in more calming, grounding, and regulating ways.


I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and have experience mentoring and accompanying folks in deepening their mindfulness practice. More often than not, I will lead our initial session by listening attentively to your experience and to what feels alive for you. From there, I will create a container within which you can soften into the big questions-- which might include: How do we work with difficulties (pain, boredom, tiredness, overwhelm) in our mindfulness practice? How do we create a consistent and sustaining practice in life's busy current? How can we use mindfulness practice as a resource in the midst of difficulties or stressors in our lives? I will offer guidance and teachings as you explore answers to these questions as well.


As a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I also offer periodic Introduction to Mindfulness classes, as well as other half-day retreats. I am currently in the planning phase for my 2023 class offerings. Keep an eye on this page for news of upcoming offerings.

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