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Embodied Healing

I offer supportive and collaborative psychotherapy to adults in Massachusetts. I hold a warm, non-judgmental and receptive space for folks to slow down and look compassionately at places of pain in their lives, and to create new patterns and possibilities for living the life they want


Healing Through Reconnection

We live in a sharp and fast-paced world. It can be difficult to slow down and to have the resource to really look at what is no longer serving us, in our lives and in our selves-- no longer serving us in having//making the love and connection we want, the habits that feel nourishing, the stories that are supportive.

In therapy, we'll practice slowing down and reconnecting together, noticing with compassion what isn't serving you and could use pruning, and exploring new possibilities in your body, heart, and mind.

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I am a somatic and IFS therapist in Northampton, MA. I offer weekly, individual psychotherapy sessions to adults. These sessions will be 45 or 55 minutes in length (depending on presenting concern and availability) and will be used to explore whatever is alive in your life that is needing supportive attention. I practice in Northampton and Easthampton, MA, but work with clients throughout Massachusetts via telehealth as well


As a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I offer periodic Introduction to Mindfulness classes, as well as other half-day retreats. I also offer ongoing, one-on-one mentoring sessions around the areas of mindfulness and meditation. If you are an experienced meditator, newer to meditation practice, or just wanting to deepen mindfulness in your life, these sessions would be for you. These one-on-one meetings are 50 minutes in length and are more effective when there is a commitment to at least three meetings to allow you the space to integrate the learnings and deepening


I offer short-term or one-time consultation to other Clinicians looking for support in their work with clients with obsessive compulsive patternings (OCD), an area of particular specialization in my practice and work

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